Welcome New Sponsor to Arlington Real Estate Association (“AREA”)!

We are very excited to have you as a Sponsor this year, and we look forward to having you again next year as well.

As you know, being a Sponsor means that your business has the opportunity to network with and be seen by many Dallas Fort Worth area real estate investors present at our meetings, and Sponsors are showcased on our Meetup Group’s web pages.

In addition, Sponsors also benefit by being able to advertise to a large targeted market, plus your investment will be regained many times over through your ability to directly speak to our members, showcase your products, represent your company through your logo, along with your information we have on our web site.

Here are a few of the benefits of being a Sponsor for AREA:

· Exclusivity in your Business/Industry (Platinum)
· Targeted Audience
· Email blasts to 8,500+ e-mails
· Economical Advertising
· Advertising that pays
· Growing membership
· Monthly updates on members
· Your provided information distributed at meetings
· Your ad will appear on each month’s handout
· Your information will be projected on Power Point
· You will be listed as Sponsor on web sites
· Opportunity to give a brief description of your business at each meeting
· Designated area for your promotional materials.

We strongly encourage you to actively participate in our monthly meetings………

We strongly encourage you to take an active participation in our monthly meetings by bringing business cards, hand out material, and door prizes from your organization are always a great idea.

Remember, you could be called upon to speak about your Company, so be ready just in case. We invite you to share with us any of your ideas, comments, or suggestions that might improve our group meetings.

Welcome again, and we look forward to seeing you at our next meeting.

Dennis Henson


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